Health Coaches and Practitioners! 
Stop throwing content spaghetti 
at the wall hoping it sticks.
Instead: Have my team of content experts write weekly revenue-ready blogs, persuasive emails, and engaging social media posts so you attract your perfect client and unparalleled income.
Professionally written, copyright-free, fully customizable done-for-you blogs, recipes, newsletters, and social media content, so you can consistently publish your weekly blog and use your weekly email newsletter to convert more email subscribers into paying clients without
having to spend dozens of hours writing content that misses the mark and doesn’t convert.
I don’t have to tell you that building your email list and publishing consistent content is critical to your success. Yet, I also know that all your content creation gets pushed to the bottom of your critical to-do list.

Yup, the ONE thing that is guaranteed to bring you more money and clients you avoid like the plague. You’d rather do laundry than write an email!

Maybe you can’t think about what to write, maybe your clients suck up all of your time or maybe you simply have no idea which direction to take your weekly content.

Well, those days are gone now. Read on to find out the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to solve all your money stress by using expertly written and completely done-for-you content.

Does any of this feel familiar:
  •  You randomly publish blogs when the mood strikes or you just learned something new.
  •  You know you should send your weekly email newsletter, yet you haven’t sent anything consistently during the past 6 months.
  •  Writing, or even knowing what to write about each week, feels so forced and passionless. You can’t seem to find your content creation mo-jo.
  •  You can’t find the time to dedicate to writing a weekly blog, and when you do find the time you are sacrificing something else important or worse, time with your family.
  •  You struggle with feelings of inadequacy, overwhelm, and doubt when it comes to your business and thus you feel like your content is disorganized and pointless. 
  •  You feel like your blog is just a drop in the massive ocean that is Google and so it falls from your priority list because you feel no one is reading it.
And the grand finale:
  •  You wish you could be as organized, polished, focused, and professional as the “other guys” because they seem to have their sh*t together BUT have no idea how they get it all done AND still manage to bake cookies for the PTA meeting.
If any of this resonates with you, THIS IS TOTALLY OK.

To be honest, I still can’t get to a PTA meeting on time (and forget the cookies!)

The truth is: no-one has their sh*t together and there is no such thing as balance.

All you can do is outsource the tasks you can and create more room and space in your brain (and to-do list) so you can get more stuff done.
And this is where The Expert Health Newsletter will be your saving grace.

The Health Expert Newsletter gives you professionally written, copyright-free, fully customizable done-for-you blogs, newsletter, and social media content each week.

The result... a better relationship with your email subscribers, more new clients, more referrals AND more money for you.
What Can The Health Expert Newsletter Do For Your Practice?
When you become a HEN member all your weekly content creation will be served to you on a silver platter.

Because your content has been expertly crafted, you will suddenly start sending consistent weekly blogs and email newsletters. You’ll be given professionally written and engaging social media posts that need nothing more than a few tweaks before you publish them.

In order for you to easily convert prospects into loyal clients you need to build a relationship with them, educate them by publishing entertaining and useful content, and consistently show up week after week after week in their social media feeds.

And that is exactly what your subscription to The Health Expert Newsletter will do for you.

I know you’re too busy trying to get everything done -- the website, the lead magnet, the program, branding and then trying to find time for your own self-care and family. I also know that writing your blog and keeping up with your email newsletter gets pushed to the back burner.

The last thing you want to do is spend hours thinking up new, fresh content, writing the blog, finding a recipe, creating social-media posts and then having to figure out how to implement and schedule it all.

And so, knowing and accepting your schedule and life for what it is, it’s time to let us take the reigns.

It’s time for us to step in and take the massive task of blog writing, email crafting, and social media post creation….OFF YOUR PLATE.

With the Health Expert Newsletter, you no longer have to waste time thinking up blog post ideas, writing your blog post from scratch, finding recipes and figuring out what to put into your weekly email newsletter because it’s all done for you.

Your subscribers will start to look forward to getting your email newsletter each week because it will be filled with helpful, educational content and a recipe that is delicious and 100% in line with your philosophy of health and wellness.

As you gain momentum and traction with your new content creation shortcut, you’ll notice more money starts drip-feeding itself into your business and that money will build every single month.

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What’s Included In
The Health Expert Newsletter?
Each month you will log into the Health Expert Newsletter membership site to download four weeks of professionally written done-for-you content. All content is delivered in Word docs (.doc) and is easily customizable.
Monthly Done-For-You Content:
  •  4 x 500-word blog posts that are professionally written, expertly researched, and absolutely what your audience want and love.
  •  4 email newsletter introductory paragraphs and blog post promotions so you can tease your clients, leads and customers over to your website and into your calendar
  •  4 gluten-free/dairy-free whole food recipes that your clients will love, share and post about on their own social media
  •  12 social media posts to use as promotional content on Facebook, Insta, Linked In and more.
We know that people are searching for answers on the internet. They are overwhelmed and unsure of what they should be eating, drinking, confused over which supplements to take, how to change their lifestyle and how to work out. 

It’s your responsibility to provide them with the education they need to make informed decisions, that are right for them based on their goals. 

And, when you show up, every single week, giving them the solutions for their pain and suffering, it won’t be long until your readers turn into your biggest spending clients.

The Health Expert Newsletter offers a wide range of blog topics and recipes that will serve to attract your prospective ideal clients and educate your audience.
  •  What is metabolism?
  • Why your waist circumference matters
  • Three ways to avoid overeating at meals
  •  Three must eat breakfast foods
  •  5 cholesterol myths and what to eat instead
  •  How exercise affects your energy levels
  •  Regular or diet doda, is one really Healthier?
  •  How to beat negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • Haven't changed anything in your diet but getting fatter?
  • Turmeric is it really a miracle spice?
  • Need a mood boost? Eat this
  • Fitness fuel: what to eat before, during, & after exercise
  •  Prebiotics 101
  •   I'm sick what can I do naturally?
  •  Which foods can help with blood pressure?
  •  Need help going dairy free?
Honey Sesame Salmon
Veggie Omelette
Maca Hot Chocolate
Lemon Herb-Roasted Chicken Breast
Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
Caffeine-Free Chai Latte
Chia Peach Green Smoothie
Garlic-Lemon Roasted Brussel Sprouts
How Does The Health Expert Newsletter Work?
Well, first of all, it’s super simple

I know that personally, I won’t use a program or membership if it’s just too hard to use, or confuses me.
That means I have made The Health Expert Newsletter 100% plug and play. It’s honestly as easy as copy, paste, and tweak.

The Health Expert Newsletter is a recurring monthly or annual subscription. For as long as you are subscribed you will receive a monthly email letting you know that your upcoming month’s content is ready for download.
You’ll log into the Health Expert Newsletter membership site to download four weeks of professionally written blog posts, recipes and social-media promotions that you will use as templates to customize and publish to your blog, promote via your weekly email newsletter and schedule to be published on social media.
NOTE: You must have Microsoft Word to be able to download the Health Expert Newsletter content.

With the Health Expert Newsletter on your team, you no longer have to worry about spending time writing blog posts from scratch or figuring out what to send out in your email newsletter. We walk you through the entire process of how to implement the content so that you can load and automate it in just one hour per week.
The Health Expert Newsletter gives you the weekly content you need to stay front of mind because you never know when a prospect is going to be ready to commit to working with you.
Here’s everything you get with your monthly Health Expert Newsletter subscription:
  •  4 x 500-word blog posts that are professionally written, expertly researched, and absolutely what your audience want and love.
  •  4 email newsletter introductory paragraphs and blog post promotions so you can tease your clients, leads and customers over to your website and into your calendar
  •  4 gluten-free/dairy-free whole food recipes that your clients will love, share and post about on their own social media
  •  12 social media posts to use as promotional content on Facebook, Insta, Linked In and more.
Now, in addition to your HEN subscription,
you’ll also get these amazing bonuses:
This challenge lead magnet is designed to pack your email list with happy, curious, and warmed up clients that want to work with you. This bonus includes:
  •  A Green Smoothie Challenge file complete with 9 taste-bud friendly recipes designed to flush the body with nutrients and antioxidants.
  •  Done-for-you email sequence that nurtures, informs, and nudges your client into the healthy lifestyle you want for them.
  •  Step by step instructions so your clients know exactly how to bring their challenge to life
  •  Extensive food substitution list so your clients can create an endless recipe book of delicious and nutrient dense smoothies

8 instructional videos that will literally walk you through the fastest HEN implementation and set up we could think up

Video # 1: How to download and organize your Health Expert Newsletter content.

Video # 2: How to customize your Health Expert Newsletter content.

Video # 3: How to publish your Health Expert Newsletter content.

Video # 4: How to set up Active Campaign as your email marketing platform to send emails and newsletters (if you don't use Active Campaign that's ok).

Video # 5: How to set up the 48-Hour Green Smoothie Challenge bonus lead magnet.

Video # 6: How to set up the 48 Hour Green Smoothie Challenge bonus lead magnet if you have Click Funnels.

Video # 7: How to use social media to promote your Health Expert Newsletter content.

Video # 8: How to set up an editorial calendar for your Health Expert Newsletter content.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to the Health Expert Newsletter Facebook group with hundreds of other health experts. The Facebook group is where we will be doing the monthly bonus training via Facebook LIVE and have other training and interviews with expert guests. The group also gives you the opportunity to request support and get feedback from your peers.

 On the third Wednesday of every month, you'll get access to a LIVE email list building training inside the Health Expert Newsletter FB Group via Facebook Live. The live training will be focused on list building strategies and how to engage your community. If you can't attend live the recording will be available inside the Health Expert Newsletter Facebook Group ongoing.
Cancel Anytime Guarantee.
The Health Expert Newsletter is a monthly or annual recurring subscription that you can cancel before your next payment. If you are on the monthly plan you can log into the Health Expert Newsletter membership site to deactivate your subscription and terminate your monthly recurring fee. If you are on the annual plan you can cancel your subscription when it is up for renewal. No hassles, no questions, and NO RISK... although we’ll be sad to see you go!

NOTE: No refunds are provided for both the monthly and annual plan.

Got Questions?
Here Are Some Answers.
Q: Does this mean that everyone will have the same content?
A: Yes. Everyone who is subscribed to the Health Expert Newsletter will get access to the same content. We always recommend that you use the Health Expert Newsletter as a template and modify the content to suit your audience so that it is not the same as anyone else's content. We provide training tutorials inside the Health Expert Newsletter subscription site walking you through exactly how to customize your content.

Since you get access to four weeks' worth of content at one time you won’t be sending out the same content topic as everyone else on a weekly basis.

Think about all of the popular health websites -- Mind, Body, Green, Livestrong, My Fitness Pal, Huffington Post, Pop Sugar… they all publish the same kind of content. As long as you make sure to modify the content and use it as a template you may have the same type of content as others but yours will be unique to you.
Q: If I pay in full do I get access to all the content for the year at once?
A: No. If you pay in full all content will still be released monthly. The advantage of paying in full is the savings of three months free. 

Q: How does the annual subscription work?
A: When you purchase the annual subscription you pay a one-time fee but will still receive access to the content one month at a time. Once your year is up, you will be automatically charged the annual fee for the upcoming year unless you choose to cancel your subscription. You must cancel your subscription after you have received access to the 12th month of content. If you cancel before the 12th month you will not receive access to the monthly content you have already paid for in the annual subscription. Partial refunds are NOT provided for annual subscriptions.
Q: What if I don’t have a website, how do I use the blog post content?
A: Great question! You don’t need a website to publish high-value content that will help you grow your email list. You can use your personal and business Facebook pages.

Facebook has a feature that allows you to schedule your posts in advance. All you need to do is copy and paste the blog post into a status update and schedule it to go live whenever you want. Then when you send out your email newsletter you link to the Facebook status update so your subscribers get access to your awesome content.

We show you how to do this in one of the video tutorials you’ll get as a bonus when you subscribe to Health Expert Newsletter.
Q: If I get one 500-word blog post what do I use for my email newsletter?
Here's how it works...

Step 1: Publish the 500-word blog post and the recipe to your website or add it as a status update on your Facebook page.

Step 2: Schedule your weekly email newsletter using the promotional content we provide that sends subscribers to your website or Facebook page.

Step 3: Schedule the social media promotional posts provided to send social-media traffic to your blog post and/or recipe.
Q: How does the monthly subscription work?
A: When you subscribe to the Health Expert Newsletter you will be charged the monthly recurring subscription fee on the same date you made your initial purchase, e.g. if you purchased on the 6th of the month subsequent payments will come out on the 6th of each month until you cancel whether you use the done-for-you content or not. You’ll get access to the private membership site so you can download your weekly done-for-you content. 

If you choose to terminate your monthly recurring subscription you will retain access to the volumes that you've already purchased within the Health Expert Newsletter membership site, but receive no additional volumes.  

You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Q: What additional platforms should I have in order to use this?
A: You will need an email-marketing platform, so we suggest that you invest in ActiveCampaign as your email-marketing platform. In addition, we recommend that you also have ClickFunnels or Leadpages. Your monthly fees will depend on which platforms you choose. 
Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: It’s pretty simple. You can cancel your monthly recurring subscription at any time. Just log into the Health Expert Newsletter membership site and navigate to your customer account. Annual subscriptions can ONLY be canceled when they are up for renewal. 

Once canceled, you will no longer be charged the monthly or annual recurring fee, and will receive no future content volumes, but will still retain access to the Health Expert Newsletter membership site and the monthly content volumes that you already paid for.